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The Rolls-Royce new four-door sedan’s first public appearance at the Geneva International Motor Show is to be nonpareil for royal opulence and silken splendor

By: Tricia Drevets | February 28, 2015

Serenity by Rolls Royce | Private Air Luxury Homes Magazine



Looking for a new level of luxury on the road? Rolls-Royce Motor Cars will unveil what it is calling, “The most opulent interior of any luxury car” at the Geneva International Motor Show.


The new “Serenity” is a one-off model created by the British-based automaker’s Bespoke Design Team. It features smoked cherry wood, mother of pearl detailing and Japanese silk designs. The design team drew its inspiration from the furniture of European kings and queens as well as from Japanese Royal Kimono designs. As the name “Serenity” suggests, the idea is for the interior to create a luxurious, yet tranquil feeling for its occupants.


According to the automaker’s press release, the new car celebrates the “historical role played by silk as a symbol of regal and imperial power.” In a sketch released with the press release, the rear headrests and even the floor mats are finished or trimmed in woven silk, and the headlining is hand-painted in a Japanese Royal Kimono design.


Rolls-Royce did not reveal details on the four-door sedan’s exterior, but speculation is that the one-off vehicle’s exterior design is based on the Phantom.


The Serenity will debut on March 3 at a press conference. Visitors to the auto show may view the new car at the auto show March 5 to 15.




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