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Falcon 5X: Redefining Private Jet Travel

By: Editorial Team

May 2014

Courtesy of Dassault Aviation


Shopping for a private jet requires confidence in the company that designs them. A company with a legacy spanning three generations that has painstakingly built some of the finest business and fighter jets in the business known to exist to date, is a great place to begin the ownership experience.


Of course, with the Falcon 5X, Dassault Aviation has clearly raised the bar many notches higher.


Take the unprecedented skylight ceiling window that allows natural light to enter into the airplane from up above the skies – no doubt an absolutely uplifting experience never seen or heard in any other… airplane ever! 

Moreover, the Falcon 5X clearly redefines the very idea of space inside business jets; no more is it about feeling crammed or claustrophobic. Instead, with an unparalleled floor to ceiling height of six feet six inches, one would feel just the opposite – even if one were six feet four inches! Cabin area inside the Falcon 5X becomes even more impressive thanks to its width, spanning an expansive 102 inches, giving more elbow room, aisle space, as well as a general feeling of all-round spaciousness.

This spaciousness proves crucial when reviewing the impressive flight range of the Falcon 5X, spanning as many as 5,200 nautical miles at its long-range cruise speed of Mach .80. For shorter distances of around 3,000 nautical miles – such as coast-to-coast travel in the US, the Falcon 5X can be flown even faster at Mach .90. This is a clearly outstanding feature of the Falcon 5X, especially taking into consideration its ability to quickly climb up to 41,000 feet; as it goes higher in the sky, say anywhere in the range of 43,000 to 47,000 feet, there is minimum turbulence in the air, meaning a smooth as silk ride, all the way!


True to its title, the Falcon 5X clearly does redefine private jet travel, ensuring speedy transportation over long distances with frugal fuel consumption, amidst truly spacious, comfortable, and luxurious settings.


The first flight of the Falcon 5X is scheduled for 2015, with unit cost of the business jet expected to be approximately $45 Million.


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