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High Quality Wine: Your Barrel, Your Label

By: Editorial Team


If ever there were another Mount Olympus for 12 gods it would be found high atop Napa Valley’s Mayacamas Mountains. This is where Mount Veeder Magic Vineyards reaps the fruits of their labor. And a heady fruit it is. Only 1.3% of all the wines produced in the Napa Valley are from this Mount Veeder area. The Appellation gets its name from the nearly 3,000-foot volcanic peak and exceedingly rough terrain in which the grapes are hand-farmed, handpicked, and masterfully crafted. The magic is worth the toil that gives birth to the extraordinary flavor of the most distinctive Cabernet Sauvignon produced.


Vintners and wine connoisseurs covet the highly sought after grapes impossible to get as a consumer. The most distinctive and highest quality wines are available to you in a barrel of your own bespoke label – a true luxury and a once in a lifetime experience for only a select few.


The finished product for your private cellar, delivered to your door, is a barrel’s worth of 288 bottles of ultra-premium, limited production Mount Veeder Cabernet Sauvignon, with custom front and back labels. Multiple year purchases are also available. From start to finish cost: $20,000.




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