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Private Air Magazine catches up with film mogul and private jet traveler, Victorino Noval, on his way to Vegas for "Mayweather vs Pacquiao"

By: Jennifer Agress | May 4, 2015

Private Air Magazine | Private Jet Traveler Victorino Noval

As our exclusive readers know, when it comes to traveling anywhere in the world, there is little that compares to flying in your own private jet. Never was this statement more true than May 2, 2015, when — while most of the world watched Floyd Mayweather defend his championship title against Manny Pacquiao on TV — the world’s most affluent travelers hopped on their private jets to watch it ringside. 

Private Air Luxury Homes Magazine | Private Jet Travelers Head to Fight Night

Independent film financier, executive and philanthropist, Victorino Noval, joined the world’s billionaires as he flew privately to Las Vegas to see the match up close. Joined by friend and Hollywood actor, Dan Bilzerian, Noval remembers the evening's excitement and glamour; it was a “Who’s Who?” of the world’s finest, with lavish dinner parties and A-list faces like Bradley Cooper, Liev Schreiber, Leonardo DiCaprio and Beyonce, to name a few. And while this Fight Night was one Noval will never forget, that is only one of his many extravagant travel adventures. Having flown privately throughout the US, Europe and even Kuwait, Noval has truly seen it all — and with the added luxury of flying privately to get there. Even so, that’s not the last stop on his world tour; Victorino Noval will head to the Cannes Film Festival and the Grand Prix in Monaco, both happening later this month.


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