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Song Saa Private Island 

After a visit to Song Saa, you’ll never think of Cambodia in the same way again.  The Romantic island resort, offers privacy, luxury, and je ne sais quoi.

By: Tricia Drevets | March 17, 2015

Private Air Luxury Homes Magazine | Song Saa Private Island

When you think of a luxurious, private island getaway, Cambodia is probably not the first place that comes to mind. Maybe it should be.


Song Saa is a spectacular island resort located in the Gulf of Thailand off Cambodia’s coast. It combines the utmost in luxury, privacy and beauty with the owners’ philosophy of conservation and sustainable living.


Australian entrepreneurs Rory and Melita Hunter spent four years planning their resort on two formerly uninhabited islands in the Koh Rong archipelago.  They opened Song Saa in 2012.

Private Air Luxury Homes Magazine | Song Saa Private Island

Each of the 27 one- and two-bedroom villas offers a breathtaking ocean view, private deck and infinity plunge pool. Interior decor makes the most of the natural setting. The villas – some on stilts above the sea, some beside the water and others nestled into the forest -- feature thatched roofs, rustic timber beams, hardwood floors and stone walls. Other eye-popping details include floor windows to the sapphire water below, indigenous carvings, four-poster canopy beds and sunken tubs.


The Hunters have hired a predominately Cambodian staff, and this fact, combined with Chef Joel Wilkinson’s blend of traditional Khmer cuisine with contemporary international favorites, guarantees you the best of what Cambodia has to offer. The menu changes daily, as most ingredients are sourced locally. You can dine on your deck or at the overwater Vista restaurant. 

Private Air Luxury Homes Magazine | Song Saa Private Island

The lush setting offers opportunities for exploring old-growth rainforests, kayaking, waterskiing, swimming, snorkeling or visiting the rejuvenating resort spa. A footbridge over a marine reserve connects the two islands. Guests frequently see exotic fish, sea horses and turtles.


Song Saa is a half-hour speedboat ride from the port town of Sihanoukville and its airport. The two islands are known locally as Song Saa, which means “The Sweethearts” in Khmer. Speaking of sweethearts, this resort should be on your list for the next place to take yours.


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