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Cognac Martell  

Many happy returns to Cognac Martell  - Three hundred years of exquisite taste in every drop of this limited edition spirit!

By: Editorial Team | March 5, 2014

Private Air Magazines | Cognac Martell

Cognac Martell announced its 300th anniversary, with the release of Martell Premier Voyage, a limited edition Cognac that comes with a rather exceptional idea: tracing the brand’s founder Jean Martell’s footsteps by including the Cognac producers he worked with between 1735 and 1742.  The collected eaux-de-vie in Martell Premier Voyage is a Cognac “we can enjoy today”, capturing “three centuries of Martell turning cognac into art”, as Benoît Fil, creator of this amazing edition, puts it.  The Martell Premier Voyage Cognac is strictly limited to 300 bottles, each individually signed and numbered.  You can buy the Cognac at a price of 10,000 €.



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