A New Level of Flight Performance

Agusta Westland has unveiled a new highly advanced helicopter called the GrandNew.

By:Editorial Team | January 1 , 2015

The spacious cabin and modular interior allows this aircraft the flexibility for multi applications such as Corporate/VIP, Law Enforcement, or Emergency Services/Search and Rescue roles.


The state-of-the-art navigation suite and operating capabilities are based on a dual Flight Management System and an advanced digital dual-duplex 4-axis autopilot, incorporating GNSS/SBAS capabilities and provides lateral and vertical guidance for in-flight procedures.


The unmatched entry through wide sliding doors is perfect for hoist operations. The unobstructed space allows for full body patient access and other applications. A crash resistant fuel system, airframe, and seats with state of the art avionics such as an ergonomic glass cockpit, integrates a Flight Management System, Vision System, and HYQS to reduce crew workloads. All systems team up to add situational awareness in support of pilot operations.


An additional appeal is its environmental friendliness. Low fuel consumption, emission of pollutants, and noise levels that reduce disturbance in residential areas, along with the low operating costs and worldwide support network give this light twin category aircraft two thumbs up.





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