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38’ TOP GUN  

Sleekness and speed, with Power and Prestige is the ultimate way to travel on water.  Cigarette Racing has done it again with the 38' Top Gun powerboat.

By: Editorial Team | March 5, 2014

Private Air Luxury Homes Magazine | 38' Top Gun

For more than 25 years, long and slick 38' Top Gun powerboats by Cigarette serve as VIP transport during the Cannes Film Festival and as celebrity get-abouts around Ibiza and the South of France, for those needing to attend events from island properties or luxury yachts, or for those who just feel the need for speed and want to make a spectacular entrance.

Private Air Luxury Homes Magazine | 38' Top Gun

While appearance is paramount the real difference is in the performance design of the unique hull and deck. They have a smoothness over waves that render other V-hull powerboats impotent. Each boat is custom-made by the Miami based company.

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