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Sumptuous Slumbers

Had the impossibly plush mattresses created by Kluft been available when Hans Christian Andersen penned his classic tale The Princess and the Pea, the beloved fairytale might have had a very different outcome.

By: Gina Samarotto

Private Air Magazine | Claremont Rugs

The bedroom is your haven. And as each haven must have a beckoning center point, may we present the Kluft Beyond Luxury Collection of mattresses. The most luxurious bed available, mattresses from the Kluft Beyond Luxury Collection combine the virtues of superb craftsmanship with the finest materials available. Exquisitely crafted from a glorious array of opulent, high quality fabrics including cashmere, mohair, fine wools, silks and cottons; mattresses within the Kluft Beyond Luxury collection are designed to ensure that your every curve is comforted while you slumber the night away.

Kluft clients may choose from several style of mattress including the ‘Palais Royale Firm” and the “Palais Royal Plush”. Featuring deliciously comfortable layers of Joma wool, Talalay latex and staple cotton nestled between Belgian damask; these Palais Royale mattresses promise to cradle you in unsurpassed sumptuousness.

Whether you prefer the sensation of sinking into bliss provides by the Plush or the feeling of floating on air as delivered by the Firm, you may ‘rest’ assured that investing in luxury is sound decision indeed - each Kluft mattress is made to the exacting standards required by the company’s 20-year warranty.

The Palais Royale Mattress by Kluft is sold exclusively at Bloomingdales


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