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By: E.J. Webber | June 30, 2015

To house and display one priceless artefact or a thousand, a BUBEN&ZORWEG Private Museum assures serious collectors the ultimate joy from their most treasured possessions.


Private Air Luxury Homes Magazine | Buben&Zorweg Private Museums

Showing and protecting your valuables and heirlooms be it in your private residence, yacht, or royal setting is the unique pervue of BUBEN&ZORWEG, the creators of modular sections of stainless steel and high security glass enclosures that allow a client to tailor one display or a gallery wall to their specifications.  Called the Private Museum, the security protection of priceless items, family heirlooms, or artifacts requires well thought out visibility, bulletproofing, fireproofing, for any eventuality.

Private Air Luxury Homes Magazine | Buben&Zorweg Private Museums

“The BUBEN&ZORWEG Private Museum concept is about building a dedicated space, usually in the intimacy of your own home, for celebrating and contemplating, protecting and presenting your most treasured possessions,” says BUBEN&ZORWEG director Christian Zörweg. “One aspect of this is creating an inspirational place to show these items off to your friends and family. Another universal priority for our clients is security." 

Private Air Luxury Homes Magazine | Buben&Zorweg Private Museums

Unique systems of security come in a variety of options such as a high security locking system, fingerprint system, and a high tech laser grid system.  The Private Museum priority - and one-of-a-kind ability - is the ultimate protection of your treasures so that you can enjoy them for generations to come.

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