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The perfect gift for the fitness buff who has it all - 18K Gold Dumbbells

By: Editorial Team | September 12th, 2015

Private Air Luxury Homes | Klismos Chair by Josephine Homes

“Designing an attractive product is much harder than it looks: you need to use the right materials, and get the perfect balance of form and function, to inspire emotion within people and captivate their interest.” Words of wisdom spoken by Kristof Hock who has introduced the ultimate in a fitness device plus investment: the first 18-carat limited edition dumbbell set from HOCK. What’s more only 50 pair of the gold twins have been produced and will surely become the ultimate in fitness accessory this year and any year. Grenadilla wood sustainably grown, combined with real gold totaling 2,000 grams, is a fine gift for a sports aficionado or the inveterate couch potato.

Price : 99,000.00 € |


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