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Once more, the cream of international collectors descend on Chelsea, London with the intention of acquiring museum-quality pieces to bring a unique touch to their homes. Over 150 galleries from across the world showcased over 3,000 years of art history at Masterpiece London 2015 – from ancient busts to contemporary paintings. Private Air Luxury Homes Magazine cherry-picked some of the most alluring pieces for sale at this year's fair.

By: Will Noble | July 1st, 2015

Private Air Luxury Homes Magazine | Masterpiece London 2015

Crowther Street, Stockport by Laurence Stephen Lowry (1964). Lancashire-born painter L.S. Lowry was lauded in his lifetime for his warm, cartoon-like depictions of working class England. This is one such painting, brimming with color and hidden stories. $1.85m.

Private Air Luxury Homes Magazine | Over-life size head of Aphrodite at Ariadne Galleries

Over-life size head of Aphrodite, 3rd century BC. A serious antiquity that is testament to the lasting legacy of deft craftsmanship. The Greek goddess’ presence will bring passion and pleasure into any collection. Price upon request.


Private Air Luxury Homes Magazine | Louis XIV Boulle at Kraemer Gallery

Furniture at its most unabashedly opulent: this Louis XIV Boulle marquetry combination casket has chased, pierced and gilt bronze mounts. By André-Charles Boulle, “the most remarkable of all French cabinetmakers” (c.1700). Approx. $1.85m.


Private Air Luxury Homes Magazine | The Baby by Based Upon

The Baby (2013). A singularly striking string piano design; essentially an instrument within a sculpture, the brainchild of the renowned Based Upon – a London artists’ studio at the forefront of British creative enterprise. The form is based “on an exploration of the repeating spiral pattern found throughout the universe.” Approc. $702,000.



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