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The Celebration of Fine Art in Scottsdale - Connecting Artists and Collectors.  The annual event, now in its 25th year, is a showcase of artistic talent not to be missed!


By: E.J. Webber  | January 17, 2015

Celebration of Fine Art studios

Celebration of Fine Art Studios.

100 exceptional artists will set up their mini-studios and fill them with unimaginable talent, skill, and imagination.  This year, as in 25 past years, The Celebration of Fine Art Fair, a 10-week long rendezvous with art and those who create it will happen in Scottsdale, Arizona from January 17 to March 29th.


The inspiration for all this artistic brilliance came from Tom and Ann Morrow who began the showcase after visiting the Laguna Beach Art Festival in California in the late 1980s.  The had owned art galleries in Jackson Hole and Scottsdale but after retiring, felt that artists needed to be celebrated and that art was to be seen in an imaginative setting.


Located at the corner of Hayden Road and The Loop 101, the 40,000 square feet is filled with 100 juried and invited notable artists.  The diversity of the mediums, the wide variety of styles and genres, is the perfect setting for the over 50,000 visitors who come from all over the world.  Each day there is something that is exciting, magical, up close and personal that happens between art, the artist, and the visitor.  Questions can be asked directly of the artist, and don’t be surprised if a paintbrush is placed in your hand!


One highlight of the show is the sculpture court, known as Art in the Garden, where life-sized monumental sculptures are displayed.  This area is noted for attracting developers, architects, and landscape designers who work in a corporate environment in addition to the art collector.  Visitors will find a wide variety of subjects, styles, and materials as they stroll through the one-acre courtyard.  Daily demonstrations of various techniques take place in the center courtyard work area.


The art experience is enhanced also by the camaraderie one sees between the artists as well.  Often, collaboration may take place on the spot between renowned artisans.  An unusual piece of work may just come about because of this joining of talents.


Today, daughter Susan Morrow Potje and her husband Jake, carry on the Morrow tradition.  Taking over the job of shepherding the show since 2004, they have focused the Celebration of Fine Art’s culture to form a place where art indeed takes center stage.


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