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Carre D'Art

By: Gina Samarotto

Jan/Feb 2014

Sterboul creates an exclusive residence that showcases the superb style of Modern day European architecture in the prestigious, Country Heights Damansara in which Forbes top 25 wealthiest Malaysians reside.
























Dominating the center of the space is a staircase that brazenly reveals itself down four stories through a series of sweeping gyrations. A delicate mass of optic thread cascades through her core, illuminating the structure with a fountain of kaleidoscope color. A masterwork of Sterboul’s design engineering, the staircase seems to swirl in a perpetual state of suspended animation; gleaming Indonesian hardwood treads winding down until reaching an end where they spill across the floor like an elegant fan discarded after a provocative dance.
























Commanding your attention and spilling natural light into the space are the floor to ceiling windows that frame the tropical landscape beyond, creating vignette after vignette of peregrine beauty. At Carré d’Art, though, vast expanses of glass and engaging views extend far past the windows.






















After dinner, guests of Carré d’Art may gather at the grand piano in the formal salon, engage in a friendly game of billiards or simply adjourn to the rooftop terraces – accessible by privaate elevator or by ascending the stunning staircase. Here they will find 2,500sf of patio space offering vantage points from which to drink in the majestic, panoramic views of the area. Dominated by a 67-foot, infinity-edge pool that seems to spill into the city below; the rooftop terrace is an oasis that serves up Kuala Lumpur’s glittering skyline as if it were a strand of precious stones presented on an inky, velvet pillow.



For more information and pricing, contact:



T: + 60 3 7732 7732


Excerpt from the article published in the January/February2014 issue of Private Air Luxury Homes Magazine.






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