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On Sagaponack Pond

By: Gina Samarotto

April 2014

“Sagaponack is still amazingly untouched and very pristine,” says Tim Davis, a broker with the well-known Corcoran Group Real Estate and lifelong Hampton’s resident. “The farms, the space, the feeling of open sky… they’ve all been guarded to make sure Sagaponeck stays special. The homes that have been built here are largely private estates designed to preserve the landscape around them and ensure that the village’s unique and uncongested feeling is preserved without compromise. With Sagaponack’s natural beauty and it’s wonderful attributes… the general store in town, the little two room schoolhouse… the area really feels as though it’s been suspended in time.”


It is, undoubtedly, Sagaponack’s seemingly flawless exquisiteness that has helped catapult the village to the lofty position it now holds; leading a list of the most desirable – as well as most costly - zip codes the country has to offer. And while her location alone has charm enough to beckon with a subtle crook of a bucolic finger, Sagaponack also happens to be where you will find one of the most architecturally noteworthy homes on the real estate market today.
























It is this stunner; an Agrest & Gandelsonas designed residence currently being offered by Davis through the Corcoran Group, that has captured the attention of local residents, design aficionados and would-be Hamptonites alike.


Simply reaching the home is a delight in itself. Traveling through the modern yet charmingly rustic front gate, guests are given their first glimpse of the spectacular water views afforded by the estate as well as of the vast garden of wildflowers bordering the property to the west. A canopy of trees, their branches dipping overhead, lends an almost fairytale quality to a drive that ultimately delivers you to a home that is unimaginably unique, impossibly distinctive.


Contained within six thousand meticulously thought out square feet; the home boasts impressive spaces and startlingly beautiful elements including a master suite that is full of surprises, a library in the round – housed within the lower level of the great glass cylinder that is one of the home’s architectural trademarks, seductively arced ceilings in both the living space and gourmet kitchen and six additional bedrooms.






















“This is very much a family home,” Davis explains, “ and what’s interesting is that despite it’s size and stature, the current owners have made it very livable and fun. They’ve added color and personality to the home to make it warm and welcoming. When you combine the interiors this home has with the architecture and the unbelievably picturesque views from every room, you have the elements that set this property apart”



For more information and pricing, contact:


Tim Davis


T: + 631.283.7300


Excerpt from the article published in the March/April 2014 issue of Private Air Luxury Homes Magazine.







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