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18k Gold Mask

Yvel Mask.jpg
Yvel Mask 3.jpg
Yvel Mask 2.jpg


Debuted at the 2021 Palm Beach Show, a dazzling emblem of fashion has culminated into this 18k gold mask, a deluge of immaculate design poured into every inch, making it the world’s most expensive. Created by Yvel, it is the ultimate in both protection and style. The mask studded with 3,608 natural black and white diamonds provides a glittering veil of security with a slot for N-99 disposable masks.

Commissioned by a Los Angeles-based businessman and keen art collector, his devotion to Yvel led him to combine his eye for art with his appetite to help others. This assiduous fervor for such craftsmanship ensures every diamond is hand placed, creating a delicate and exclusive feel to each mask fitted to the face with smooth black leather. When function meets beauty, an explosion of passion arises, and with such dedication to the art, this mask offers any jewelry collector a timeless masterpiece.

Priced at $1.5 Million

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