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Form, function, and a whole lot of pizzaz is what you’ll find in the YO2’s bespoke line of wallpaper, planters, and floor coverings.




Innovating, exciting, creative, inspiring must be in the DNA of YO2 Design. Spearheaded by Creative Director, Pericles Liatsos, who hails from the Accademia Delle Belle Arte and his Master of Arts from Rome, the Cyprus-based design firm has become a favorite go-to for those seeking a bit of the unexpected. Their bespoke bold designs continue to grab the attention of a vast international clientele and have landed them clients like Google, Breitling, and Coca-Cola (but whose name dropping).

YO2 Design


Nestled within their deep, authentic philosophy, is a vibrant artistic value that sees its roots set within their proficient team of architects, interior designers, and graphic designers. YO2 Design has since crafted a selective anthology of products that are brimming with idiosyncratic characteristics. If you are in need of rekindling the enduring style of traditional decor in contemporary form, YO2 will capture this perfectly.

YO2 Design


Their wallpapers, that are available in a myriad of shapes and palette color variations, feature an abundance of geometric designs, floral prints, Avantgarde, and Baroque, with an illustrious nod to the infusion of traditional vs. modern. Their selection of luxurious rugs and broadlooms are presented in vivid colors and patterns, create a prominent focal point in any room. Their neo-classical styles stretch into their statement planters that exudes an eye-catching allure, from classical sculptures to geometric animals, will sit elegantly within any extension of any room or as a bold statement in the middle.

YO2 Design


Reviving the radical artistic movements of the 1850s, each Avant-garde piece by YO2 Design highlights the thrill of each creation and forges refinement within any room. Their ethos remains clear and focused, with their clientele at the forefront of their designs.

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