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Gravity Collection



Lebanese fine jewelry house YEPREM has often described its creations as “fluid jewels”—and this expression is superbly realized in its latest collection, Gravity. Inspired by the invisible force that attracts two bodies toward each other, the collection celebrates the beauty of round cut diamonds, akin to atoms, that sensuously embrace the form of the body

A highlight of the collection is a pair of extravagant earrings, which retail for US$40,300.00 and feature a total of 426 brightly sparkling diamonds cascading from a discreet 18K white gold setting. The meticulous construction of each earring can be likened to a mesh fabric, allowing the jewels to drape over the lobe and hypnotically sway with the wearer’s movements. Other key pieces in the collection include a $116,000 necklace with a constellation of 1,606 round- and marquise-cut diamonds, and a $26,500 ring that blankets the finger with 273 round-cut diamonds.

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