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Design your outdoor spaces with the same approach as your interiors and invest in top quality furnishings from Weatherend that have been known to last the test of time.



Pensobscot Casual Chairs by Weatherend Estate Furniture

I love the look of teak-framed furniture, especially when it develops a beautiful silvery patina after a few years. My go-to place for this classic style furniture is Weatherend Estate Furniture. Their well-made furnishings are known for their style as well as extreme durability, making each piece an investment that will last you for summers to come. The thick, luxe cushions covered in new indoor/outdoor fabrics made out of unique acrylics provide the look and feel like cotton yet hold up against the rain, dry quickly, and are resistant to mildew. The options are endless - be bold and tropical with bright weaves and marvelous prints or create a Zen space with quiet, subtle tones.


Angela Adams Stand-up Table & Chairs at Weatherend Estate Furniture

The name “Weatherend” is linked forever to Hans Heistad, a Norwegian born landscape architect and protégé of Frederick Law Olmsted, father of American landscape design. In the early 1900s, Hans and Captain Edward Harper, the great grandfather of today’s Weatherend’s leader, were building lighthouses, breakwaters, landscapes, and outdoor furnishings that are still with us over a century later. Heistad designed the landscape for an estate called “Weatherend” on Maine’s coastline and filled it with outdoor garden rooms and terraces from which to enjoy ocean views. For each space he crafted tables and seating whose graceful curves mirrored the lines of the sea and continue to inspire Weatherend Estate Furniture today.


Weatherend Circa 1915

Withstanding the elements of weather and employing the methods of a yacht builder, Gil Harper, today the CEO and owner of the company had a vision for furniture quality that will endure for another century to come. Three main principles: heirloom quality, yacht building integrity, and distinctive design, guide Weatherend’s collections. Harper, himself a former Merchant Marine Captain, oversees the crafting of the perfect curve; the perfect fitting of each piece of wood; the careful sanding and application of ten coats of Yacht Finish; keeping Weatherend’s legacy alive.

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