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After a tumultuous day in the boardroom, on the course or field, the new Vitalizer Luxury massage chair.

Text: Jessica Hall
Vitalizer Luxury

The Vitalizer Luxury massage chair is a perfect place to relax and rejuvenate in a zero-gravity position and take 15 - 30 minutes to recover from whatever your busy day has thrown at you. Equipped with a 3-D “Massage Robot” and integrated body scanner sensors that adjust to the shape of your spine, this luxurious chair restores balance to your body while reducing strain and tension. The Bluetooth sound system lulls you with your favorite tunes. This customized, unprecedented approach to total relaxation allows you to have the perfect full-body massage from head toe.

No need to wait until your next spa appointment, recover whenever you like with Vitalizer Luxury.

$9,999 includes white glove delivery set-up and service.

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