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Verge Motorcycles
Mika Häkkinen

Verge Motorcycles
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Verge Motorcycle


World-famous F1 legend and two-time World Champion Mika Häkkinen has designed the signature model of a new electric superbike in collaboration with Verge Motorcycles, the electric superbike pioneer. Just one hundred signature models will be produced, making it an extremely exclusive rarity.

The luxury superbike combines a stylish and bold design with Verge’s unique technologies. Perfected down to the last detail, the model represents the most powerful and advanced electric superbike on the market, with a range of 217 miles and a fast-charging time of just 35 minutes.

In addition, it features an integrated rim motor inside the rear wheel, a patented and internationally awarded innovation developed by Verge. The bike has carbon fiber fairings and a unique ceramic surface treatment that protects against scratches. Full black shock absorbers and details combined with dark grey and silver surface elements complete the powerful and elegant look.

The unique superbike designed by Mika Häkkinen is available for purchase via the Verge Motorcycles online store in Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Finland, Estonia, and Monaco. One can also purchase from the new Verge Motorcycles flagship store in Monaco, the electric superbike manufacturer’s first physical shop and showroom.

The retail price of the bike without taxes is 80,000 Euros (≈ $87,011).


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