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Under-Appreciated Light Jet with a mid-size cabin!


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High-Speed, Comfort, and Efficiency - Available at an Affordable Price

Discover the exciting combination of speed, space, and affordability with Premier 1A - a light jet that cruises at up to 450 KTAS. Indulge in its luxuriously spacious cabin complemented by cozy comfort for an unbeatable flying experience.

Uncovering the Story of Beechcraft’s Business Jet the Premier 1A

Four years after the first Premier jet debut in 2001, the Premier 1A made history by becoming the largest certified single-pilot business aircraft in existence with two respected legacies. Although similar to its predecessor the Premier 1, this iteration features upgraded avionics and brakes, as well as a brand-new cabin design that is sure to impress any flier looking for luxury combined with power. These upgrades won the Premier 1A Raytheon’s official Improvement Certification in 2005.

With its truly revolutionary design, the Premier fuselage is something to behold. Constructed with graphite and epoxy laminate reinforced by a honeycomb composite structure, it has no internal frames which increases cabin volume giving it nearly 15% more space than conventional designs, while reducing weight considerably - an impressive 20%. On top of that, the swept-back aluminum wings are set below giving passengers even more room to stretch out in comfort during their journey. The tail also follows suit using similar sweeping lines for streamlined aerodynamics during flight operations, further enhancing interior capacity during flight operations.

Technology at your fingertips
The improvements of the Premier 1A are a step up from the Premier 1, designed to make air travel more comfortable than ever before. It boasts an enhanced hydraulic braking system with greater responsiveness, manual lift dump control, as well as upgraded dual PFDs in the cockpit that display real-time weather data via IFIS–including XM satellite radio graphics. Finally, it supports electronic charts with a file server so pilots can fly with maximum accuracy and confidence.

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A spacious cabin that rivals the Citation Excel

Experience comfort and luxury like never before in the Premier 1A. This private jet boasts an impressive 315 cubic foot cabin, 13.5 feet long, 5.4 tall, and 5.5 wide – one of the largest cabins for a plane its size! Enjoy extra headroom with contoured design plus rich interior trim upgrades, fold-out tables on both sides, an aft private lavatory, and luxuriously reclinable seats that provide ultimate passenger relaxation during flight time - don’t forget about ample entertainment systems featuring a variety of media as well.

Superior performance and style, combining comfort with power

The Premier 1A is an impressive feat of engineering, boasting dual Williams/Rolls-Royce FJ44-2A engines providing 4,600 pounds of total thrust on takeoff. With its sophisticated electronic control unit paired with a hydro-mechanical fuel system and maximum takeoff weight capacity of 12,500 lbs., this aircraft can climb to 37,000 feet in just seventeen minutes--and take off in as little as 3,792 ft!

During high-speed cruise missions, pilots can expect to burn between 1,200 and 1,300 lbs. of fuel during the first hour of flight. The second hour will yield a slightly lower poundage at around 820 lbs., and 900 lbs. for the final leg before touchdown - assuming normal weather conditions are present. Pilots wanting more range may opt for a long-range cruise which could add 11% extra travel but adds an additional 100 nautical mile distance gained due to fuel efficiency.
David Soyfer, seasoned pilot and flight instructor for Premier 1A declares, “The Premier 1A has greater performance numbers than advertised. Especially in terms of max cruise speed and fuel burn. I have seen the fuel burn as low as 59 gallons per engine per hour at cruise. This makes a huge difference when some FBOs jet fuel prices are approaching $9 per gallon. ”

Maintenance Overview
Keeping your Premier in top-notch running order is easy with regular maintenance checks. A full line service and lube inspection every 200 hours, an A check at 600 hrs., and a B check at 1,200 hrs. - these quick inspections will ensure safe flying for many miles to come. The available Williams TAP Blue engine service plan offers unbeatable value. For an affordable price of $390 dollars an hour for the pair of engines, you’ll receive full coverage for both engines - making it a smart

Rivals of the Premier Jet
The Premier 1A offers a great balance of affordability, range, and comfort. Two rivals give it some serious competition: the Citation CJ2+ with superior airport performance and an impressive capability to fly four passengers more than 1,500 nautical miles; however, its speed is slower by 30-40 knots, with a smaller cabin cross section and price tag up to $2.5 million higher! The Nextant 400XT boasts an even further reach of 1800 nautical miles, plus enhanced runway performance -though compromising on space inside – boasting a flat floor but not as expansive of a passenger area. The Nextant 400XT price tag and cost per hour is higher than the Premier as well - and it is not single pilot certified.

With single pilot operations, private cockpit doors, a private lavatory with pocket door, a top speed of 460 knots, and the ability to travel 1,380 nautical miles, the Premier 1A packs both power and range. The innovative design ensures minimal drag for improved cruise speeds at high altitudes and efficiency.

If you are looking for an aircraft with a spacious cabin, impressive cruising speeds, and ultimate ramp appeal - without having to sacrifice fuel efficiency - the Premier 1A could be the ideal choice.

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