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Timberlane, Inc.’s custom window shutters add a “welcome home” moment to a breathtaking new home designed to pay tribute to an iconic 18th-century architectural style.


BUILDER: Nautilus Homes
DESIGNER: William B Litchfield Residential Designs
LOCATION: Manatee River, FL
SHUTTER DETAILS: Premium wood louver shutters in 50/50 and 40/60 configurations, finished in Charleston Green premium paint; functional hinges and tiebacks.

When a family with a passion for the classical arts purchased seven acres in Florida, it took ten years to determine what they wanted. Eventually, they decided to create a forever family home that was modern but patterned after Charleston, South Carolina’s iconic 18-century Drayton Hall. They enlisted the design team at William B Litchfield Residential Designs and builder Nautilus Homes. In preparation for construction, the Nautilus Homes team visited Drayton Hall to understand the architectural building techniques of the period to ensure the home would hold historical integrity. The result is the 4,972-square-foot Antebellum estate known simply as Old Grove. No detail was left spared in the elaborate interiors, so when it came to the exteriors, and the homeowners wanted more charm and architectural elements, they called the experts Timberlane, Inc. to add the finishing touches - premium wood louver shutters.



During the Tudor period, shutters became famous, as the thick wooden boards covered holes in the exterior wall, kept thieves away, and protected the inside from the outside elements. It wasn’t until the 16th century that people used them for decorative purposes rather than practical ones. When America became colonized, southern states embraced this architectural trend and added them to their plantation hence the word plantation shutters. Today, they are still used as window dressings by homeowners around the globe.

However, in 1995, Rick Skidmore was dissatisfied with the quality, artistry, and options found in commercially-available exterior shutters, he decided to change and founded Timberlane, Inc. Timberlane quickly became recognized as an industry leader in exterior shutters and outdoor design. “At Timberlane, there are no stock sizes or configurations; all products are custom-made at its facility in the USA,” explains Skidmore. “From custom options to premium finishes and more, Timberlane provides the fullest custom design flexibility for builders, architects, designers, homeowners, and more. Timberlane products are unavailable in big box stores, and the company upholds its commitment to 100% customer delight by working directly with our customers. Today, our products can be found in neighborhoods across the USA, wherever quality and attention to detail are of the utmost importance.”



With an array of colorful shutters and blends that come in a variety of finishes and styles for the most significant impact, Timberlane has it all. From storybook cottages to vast estates, Timberlane’s shutters have transformed the plain and quaint to nothing short of magical.

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