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The Magical Hotbox


The Magical Hatbox


Chocolates never go out of favor. It’s always a pleasant surprise to discover a tantalizing chocolate creation on your pillow at bedtime. They make excellent presents, party favors, and gestures to show gratitude. La Maison du Chocolat’s founder Robert Linx and Master Chef Nicolas Cloiseau bring Parisian haute couture to their chocolate works. Delivering the most luxurious chocolate experience rarely has this sweet delicacy been as fashionable as it is now.

The perfect gift for this holiday season, Maison du Chocolat Magical Hatboxes are amongst the most decadent and opulent in the world. Filled with an assortment of sweet treats such as chocolate-covered fruits, champagne truffles, and the brand’s signature selection of ganaches and pralinés. Ideal for those who enjoy the finer things in life, The Magical Hatbox contains an array of succulent treats that are guaranteed to include plenty of delight for every sweet-tooth chocolate fan to enjoy.

The Magical Hatbox, $620.00

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