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The upcoming exhibition at The Osborne Studio Gallery in London explores the world of horse with energy and freedom in every brush stroke.


4. Sunset at Les Mazasses, 30 x 45cm.jpeg
7. Umaid Bhawan Palace, Jodhpur, 30 x 45cm.jpeg
10. Courtyard fountain in Cordoba. 45 x 60cm.jpeg

British contemporary artist Marcus Hodge (b 1966) is a restless spirit who finds expression in painting, drawing, and sculptures. Culminating exotic travel experiences with au courant artistic vignettes, Hodge’s works are conceived by his keen instinct. To quote art critic William Packer, “He goes off into the wilderness, on which to register, with remarkable freedom and spontaneity, whatever takes his eye.”

In the early stages of his career, Hodge made his name as a portrait painter. Before returning to the UK, he studied classical oil painting in Spain, which involved five years of rigorous training in Old Master techniques. From the buds of classical art, blossomed richly into abstruse and figurative painting. In 2000, Hodge made his first trip to India. After weaving its spell on Marcus, this formed the inspiration behind curating his first solo show. Each piece of work stimulates the senses to find both an escape and a story. Now, these two locations sit ardently at the very core of his artistry.

Hodge’s contemporary work has captured the eyes of many, and now his work will be exhibited for all eager eyes at the Osborne Studio Gallery October 5th thru 27th, 2021, in London. The exhibit will feature a collection of images from several trips Hodge took in the last two years, all of which pulsate with a captivating narrative. Treks through the national park of Donana in Andalucia, an amble through the lively Pushkar Fair in India, and a royal visit to Umaid Bhavan Palace, Jodhpur are gallantly captured in oil. Marcus Hodge has explored the beauty and tranquil aura of the horse. Including the Marwari horses of Rajasthan, India, Monaco, and Spain. Each one epitomizes a deep history of both the spirit of the animal and its surroundings.

At Hodge’s exhibition, nature takes center stage. Each exotic place is melted into the frame, with the beauty and power of the horse as a focal element. The appeased stances of each animal are a token to their surroundings. The expression of each piece is profound in context and penetrating in execution.

15. Circus Horse, Oil on Canvas, 71 x 130cm.jpeg
13. Cattle on the road to Pushkar, Oil on canvas.jpeg


Sunset at Les Mazasses, 30 x 45cm

Umaid Bhawan Palace, Jodhpur, 30 x 45cm

Courtyard fountain in Cordoba. 45 x 60cm

Cattle on the road to Pushkar, Oil on canvas

Circus Horse, Oil on Canvas, 71 x 130cm

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