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Story Terrace Biography

Story Terrace


A unique answer to the age of the selfie: be immortalized in a professionally written biography. Your life’s narrative turned into a coffee-table quality book can be considered egotistical to some, vital for family preservation for others, or both. When millions leave no lasting record of their life story, it can be an important way for families to capture memories and preserve stories for future generations.

Story Terrace matches its customers with carefully selected writers across the globe. Its memoir-writing 2.0-think Ancestry. com meets Uber. A 115-125-page book, which includes professional editing, typesetting, and full-color printing in hardback books, can be delivered ten weeks after the first interview has been conducted. And the company claims it creates records that are more meaningful than a billion selfies.

The Novella Package that includes 115-125 page hardcover book, 10 hours of interviews, 90 pages of text containing 20,000 words, usage of up to 40 photos, four print copies plus a digital copy of your book, and a Welcome Gift Box is priced at $7,450.00

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