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We can usually only experience major artists by going to their public concerts at the concert hall. What if you could invite the world’s best pianists to perform live on-demand in your living room? Steinway & Sons’ newest model, high-resolution player piano, The SPIRO | r makes it possible.


The revolutionary grand piano features a sophisticated mechanical system that replicates every keystroke and pedal of the desired pianist, from the softest trill to a thundering fortissimo. A never-before-heard musical experience that does not fall short of a live performance in any respect. Experience a concert at the touch of your fingertips: A simple touch on the accompanying iPad Pro and SPIRO | r makes the player piano come to life. Choose from over 1,700 works, and enjoy magnificent musical moments with the world’s best artist, live in your living room.


Don’t worry – if you like, of course, you are perfectly free to play the piano yourself, enjoying all the musical perfection you expect from the legendary piano makers. An added perk for professionals is the ability to record your performance, edit and share your songs on the iPad Pro using The SPIRO | r app.


Available in two models Model D 8’ 11 3/4” x 61 3/4” and Model B 6’11” x 58”. Price upon request.

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