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Son Fogueró is the latest must-visit international holistic retreat for those seeking design, yoga, silence, and healthy eating.



Empathy, Harmony, Serenity, Friendliness, Flow, Fulfilment, Love, Relaxation, Enjoyment, Calm, Gratitude, and Kindness - the 12 names assigned to the hotel bedrooms as a declaration of intent for this holistic health retreat in Mallorca, Spain.

A space designed by a couple who have succeeded in combining their professions – he is a designer, and she is a doctor – to create an idyllic environment for mental and physical detox, to reconnect with one’s own essence through design and well-being.



A must-visit hotel for those seeking silence, retreat, and a healthy lifestyle, which is making its way as a space for holistic retreats on an international level.

Son Fogueró has design, art, and health at the very heart of its project, and it goes far beyond your usual tourist getaway. The ecohotel was born with an unquestionable vocation to provide a wellness space that promotes a healthy lifestyle, with an awareness of the body and of nutrition.



For this reason, the hotel’s gastronomy features a diet free from meat, sugar, gluten, or dairy, with the option of vegetarian, flexitarian, or anti-inflammatory meals.

The owners of this old Mallorcan family farmhouse, dating back to the turn of the century, joined forces to combine their lifestyle and work to create this beautiful 12-room hotel in Maria de la Salut. It is situated in the heart of Mallorca, just 3 kms from Sineu, which was named one of the most charming towns in the world.

Twelve rooms designed as unique pieces of art, brought together by common areas, such as a living room with a large fireplace and a piano, a summer dining room, extensive gardens, and a swimming pool with a health pool bar serving healthy, nutritious food.



The design was developed by the hotel’s owner, David Jofra, founder of international furniture firm Dareels, and his team. The holistic health guidance is led by the hotel’s second owner, Inés Alemany.

Design and art go hand in hand with holistic health, yoga, and organic, vegan, and sustainable food.

A winning combination that attracts the attention of dozens of guests who feel the pull of a silent getaway, far from their hectic routines. The hotel offers a detox program that is very easy to achieve in the silence, nature, and beauty that permeates Son Fogueró.



The boutique hotel is becoming a benchmark destination for international holistic retreats. In its first two seasons, it has already hosted several retreats from the US and Germany.

This is undoubtedly an upward trend which looks to strengthen itself in idyllic settings such as Son Fogueró in Mallorca.

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