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Schwarzes Bianco transcends the ordinary, standing as a masterful fusion of art, craftsmanship, and intellect.

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The brilliance of artists Gregor Hildebrandt and Yasmin Müller has given life to an extraordinary creation that defies conventional norms, redefining the very concept of a chessboard. This exquisite edition offers a unique and unparalleled opportunity for collectors and connoisseurs of both art and chess to possess a piece of history—a game where artistic expression and intellectual pursuit unite in perfect harmony.


Schwarzes Bianco
Schwarzes Bianco
Schwarzes Bianco
Schwarzes Bianco


At its core lies Gregor Hildebrandt's mesmerizing painting, "Die Tage spiegeln sich in den Nächten und umgekehrt" (D.T.i.e.D (E.N.)) (2022), a standout amidst his renowned series of "rip-off" tape collages. Breaking away from his typical technique of creating separate positive and negative motifs, Hildebrandt ingeniously merges both aspects onto a single canvas, playfully exploring the interplay of duality and unity.

Inspired by this innovative artwork, Hildebrandt employs a similar process for the chessboard of schwarzes Bianco. Crafting a chessboard that entangles the complementary parts of the evocative song "Der Tod ist ein Dandy" by Einstürzende Neubauten, he artfully dubs an audio cassette and applies it to the right side. With meticulous precision, he tears it off and affixes it to the left, resulting in a visually arresting black-and-white tapestry—a testament to Hildebrandt's fascination with the concept of mise-en-abîme, captivating viewers on a mesmerizing journey of sight and sound.

Yasmin Müller's artistic prowess takes center stage in the design of the case that cradles schwarzes Bianco. A testament to her collaborative expertise, the case elegantly encapsulates the essence of the edition, providing a sophisticated and secure haven for this exceptional chess set. schwarzes Bianco represents more than just a game; it is an embodiment of creative synergy.

The limited edition schwarzes Bianco by Gregor Hildebrandt & Yasmin Müller is priced at €4,900.


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