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Rolls-Royce Pastel Collection


Rolls Royce_1.jpg


Inspired by the hills, sand, and sea surrounding Pebble Beach, Rolls-Royce Pastel Collection is the most colorful yet. Borrowing from Mother Nature’s pallet, the collection begins with the Black Badge Ghost in Light Green Solid, a new bespoke exterior finish. The pastel green represents the rebirth of the flora on the peninsula following the years of drought and fire. The handcrafted leather interior is Black with a striking Serenity Green splash highlighting the iconic Black Badge fiber. The second creation of color bliss is Black Badge Dawn in a Coral Solid which showcases the bespoke finish that can only come after seven coats of paint and more than nine hours of hand polishing. The new pastel is juxtaposed to an Arctic White with Sunset interior that carries over the imagery of blooming California hills and valleys. The final piece of the trio is Black Badge Wraith in Semaphore Yellow, a bright and sunny finish for the most powerful member of the Rolls-Royce family. Black Badge Wraith features a Selby Grey and Lemon interior with the iconic Rolls-Royce Black Badge Starlight Headliner.

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