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Pursuit Seat

Pursuit Seat.jpg
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Rolls-Royce’s handmade leather seat’s luxury and comfort is no longer confined to the interiors of their cars thanks to the marque’s latest Bespoke accessory - Pursuit Seat. A perfect perch for flying a drone, painting a landscape, or pausing to take in the view, the Pursuit Seat is the latest accessory designed to enhance Rolls-Royce clients’ lifestyle experience.

The upscale yet utilitarian accessory is a nod to the original portable seat with a twist. Like every Rolls-Royce bespoke commission, the new Pursuit Seat is comprised of the finest craftsmanship and materials. The sharp, sleek perch is the perfect marriage of carbon fiber, polished aluminum, and Rolls-Royce leather. Not only does it have the aesthetic qualities to delight the masses, but it also comes complete with efficient maneuverability. Catered to be used in any circumstances, the Pursuit Seat’s deployable ground spike can be erected in any location. Easily adjustable to suit every need, the ultimate luxury is found within its irreproachable craftsmanship.

Sophisticated and functional, the Pursuit Seat is a dashing companion for every outdoor occasion.

The Pursuit Seat is available to purchase individually or as a pair through the Rolls-Royce Boutique and at dealerships worldwide. Prices for an individual seat starts from $10,081, excluding local taxes.

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