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Indulge in the captivating fusion of luxury and history at Powerhouse, Chelsea Waterfront, where London’s industrial grandeur is reborn in a contemporary setting.

London, United Kingdom
Start from £1,700,000




In the heart of London, where the Thames gracefully winds its way through the city’s landscape, a piece of history is being meticulously transformed into a symbol of modern luxury living. Welcome to Powerhouse, a stunning residential offering nestled within the Chelsea Waterfront development, where a storied past meets contemporary opulence. Powerhouse brings a unique blend of heritage and sophistication to the forefront of London’s property scene.

Stepping into the Powerhouse is akin to embarking on a temporal journey, whisking you away to London’s industrial zenith. This venerable edifice, the most ancient among London’s triumvirate of historic power stations, occupies a singular echelon in the city’s annals. With origins over a century in the past, it stands as the ultimate culmination of a redevelopment triad, joined in this distinction by its illustrious peers, Battersea and Bankside, the latter now housing the iconic Tate Modern. Bestowed with the moniker ‘cathedral of the industrial age,’ the Powerhouse boasts a legacy that transcends time, from its pivotal role during the crucible of World War II to its ongoing metamorphosis into a contemporary icon.



Powerhouse enjoys a prime location on the last remaining riverfront site between Chelsea and the city, offering unobstructed views of the majestic Thames. The development has even reopened 400 meters of Thames pathway, providing residents with a unique connection to London’s iconic river, which had been inaccessible for the past century. This exclusive riverside setting makes Powerhouse a true gem in the city’s property landscape.

Before becoming Powerhouse, Lots Road Power Station was a landmark in Chelsea. Designed by the visionary American engineer James Russell Chapman, it boasted a striking architectural design with red brick facades and towering chimneys that were the tallest in Europe at the time. Elegant arched windows allowed natural light to flood its cavernous halls, and it was one of the first steel-frame buildings in the British Isles, constructed from a staggering 6,000 tons
of steel.
For nearly a century, Lots Road Power Station powered London’s Underground network, even during the darkest days of the Blitz in World War II. Its role in energizing and connecting the city is celebrated in vintage London Transport posters, which referred to it as “the moving spirit of London.”


Powerhouse is part of the larger Chelsea Waterfront development, known for its two glass residential towers of 37 and 25 stories, as well as three riverside buildings surrounded by lush, landscaped gardens. These buildings are interconnected by contemporary bridges that span the creek, providing residents and visitors with seamless access to this extraordinary urban oasis.

At Chelsea Waterfront, a symphony of opulence is masterfully orchestrated within its amenities. A 20-meter swimming pool, awash in serenity, beckons, while the sauna and steam room extend an invitation to a sanctuary of relaxation and escapism. The riverfront restaurant, where culinary artistry caters to the most discerning palates, presents abundant opportunities for al fresco dining and waterside socializing. Meanwhile, within the labyrinth of this establishment, a state-of-the-art health and fitness center emerges as the very embodiment of holistic



Further inside the hallowed halls of Powerhouse apartments, a testament to the building’s illustrious history and architectural grandeur unfurls. Each apartment, a carefully curated masterpiece, beckons with the promise of spacious and elegant living spaces, all adorned with mesmerizing views of the River Thames. Within these chambers of luxury, bedrooms adorned with contemporary fittings and bespoke lacquered wardrobes cocoon residents in lavish comfort.

Craftsmanship becomes an unspoken language, resonating from the meticulously designed kitchen cabinetry to the high-quality finishes gracing the bathrooms. Kitchens themselves are an epicurean’s dream, boasting top-of-the-range fully integrated appliances and bespoke cabinetry that weaves a tapestry of culinary artistry. Every corner of these residences is imbued with the essence of excellence, from the handmade tiles to the bespoke vanity units, all complemented by thoughtfully selected lighting that orchestrates the ambiance.



Notably, Fiona Barratt-Campell, the visionary interior architect responsible for the opulent transformation of Powerhouse’s atrium, shared her reflections: “I was deeply honored to have participated in the meticulous design of such an iconic edifice. Our creative journey was marked by a profound awareness, as we artfully interwove existing architectural and historical elements into our design, creating an indelible sense of luxury through the very fabric of materiality and design integrity.”

In the heart of London, Powerhouse at Chelsea Waterfront stands as a testament to the city’s industrious past, offering residents an opportunity to live amidst history while enjoying the finest in contemporary luxury. With its unrivaled riverside location, thoughtful amenities, and exquisite interiors, Powerhouse invites you to be part of a new era in London living, where heritage meets modernity in perfect harmony. Don’t miss the chance to make this iconic address your own.

Two-to-four-bedroom units at Powerhouse at Chelsea Waterfront start from £1,700,000.

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