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This premier listing presents a magnificent estate at the southern end of Lake Agawam on First Neck Lane, featuring two parcels totaling over 4.5 acres, including an elegantly maintained house on 2.7 acres with nearly 500 feet of water frontage, where the lake greets with the Atlantic Ocean.

484 & 496 First Neck Lane, Southampton, NY


484 & 496 First Neck Lane, Southampton, NY


Sequestered within the elite echelons of high-end real estate, a singularly remarkable estate at the southern extremity of Lake Agawam comes into view, setting a benchmark for architectural elegance and ecological consonance. This premier unveiling on the real estate market encompasses an expanse of over 4.5 acres and nearly 500 feet of water frontage, situated at the meeting point of the tranquil Lake Agawam and the vast Atlantic Ocean just steps away, thereby crafting an exceptional confluence of natural magnificence.

Approaching the estate, visitors are greeted by a discreet country drive, bordered by stately stone pillars and an allée of Linden trees, creating a shaded path that culminates in a front parking court. This entrance reveals the property’s subdued elegance and heralds the architectural prowess of the main residence. A sophisticated fusion of stone, slate, and stucco, the residence stands as a testament to the unwavering commitment to material quality and the mastery of craftsmanship. Such meticulous attention to detail ensures that this dwelling is not merely constructed but is thoughtfully brought into existence with intention and precision.

484 & 496 First Neck Lane, Southampton, NY
484 & 496 First Neck Lane, Southampton, NY


The design of the home masterfully incorporates generous walls of glass, inviting natural light to permeate the interior spaces, thereby not only illuminating the residence but also framing the expansive vistas of Lake Agawam. This strategic design fosters a fluid connection between the indoors and the surrounding landscape, enriching the residential experience by immersing the occupants in the breathtaking natural beauty of the area. The panoramic views across the lake, showcasing some of Southampton Village’s most illustrious mansions, further accentuate the property’s prestigious standing.

Spanning an impressive 7,695 square feet, this estate offers abundant space for both family and guests, ensuring comfort and privacy for all who dwell within its walls. The expansive square footage of the home not only provides ample living space but also allows for the incorporation of multiple gathering areas, both formal and informal, catering to a variety of social interactions and entertainment needs. Whether hosting grand events or intimate gatherings, the residence’s generous proportions and thoughtful layout ensure that every occasion is accommodated with elegance and ease.

484 & 496 First Neck Lane, Southampton, NY


The home features six spacious en-suite bedrooms and eight-and-a-half bathrooms, with the primary suite thoughtfully positioned on the main level to emphasize comfort and accessibility. This strategic placement ensures that the primary occupant enjoys unparalleled ease of access, along with the tranquility and privacy afforded by this secluded part of the home.

Further enhancing the residence’s allure, a beautifully designed staircase serves as the conduit to the upper levels, where the connection to the natural surroundings intensifies. The proximity to the ocean is palpable on these floors, granting a sensory experience that is both unique and invigorating. This sensation is most pronounced in the second-floor suites and extends to the rooftop terrace, a vantage point that offers unobstructed, panoramic views. Here, the property’s unique geographical and ecological context is on full display, enveloping residents and guests in the breathtaking beauty of the landscape and seascape that define this exceptional estate.

484 & 496 First Neck Lane, Southampton, NY
484 & 496 First Neck Lane, Southampton, NY
484 & 496 First Neck Lane, Southampton, NY


Occupancy of this estate transcends the mere possession of luxury amenities, such as a cutting-edge kitchen, an elevator, several fireplaces, a three-car garage, and a 45-foot pool accompanied by a spa and pool house. Moreover, the estate’s expansive grounds provide ample space for the addition of a tennis court, further enhancing the property’s appeal as a haven for both relaxation and recreation. This potential addition opens up new avenues for leisure and fitness, catering to the desires of those who value an active lifestyle as much as comfort and luxury.

484 & 496 First Neck Lane, Southampton, NY
484 & 496 First Neck Lane, Southampton, NY


The estate includes an additional 1.8-acre parcel, presenting opportunities for further development. This could entail the construction of a secondary residence, the addition of further amenities, or the retention of the property as a strategic investment in one of the Hamptons’ most sought-after locations. The potential for expansion or preservation emphasizes the property’s dual role as both a luxurious residence and a beacon of architectural innovation. Preeminent broker Tim Davis of Corcoran aptly agrees, stating, “The contiguous second parcel enables the property owner to develop a substantial secondary residence, swimming pool, and tennis court. Alternatively, simply holding the land as part of one’s diversified investment portfolio is a viable option, as historically, these assets have increased in value over the years, given this most coveted location in the Hamptons.”

This property offering transcends the conventional bounds of a real estate transaction. It stands as an invitation to occupy a domain that epitomizes architectural finesse, harmoniously integrated with both its natural surroundings and its cultural context. It is indeed a once-in-a-lifetime chance for those aspiring not merely to a lifestyle of luxury but to a legacy that resonates with architectural sophistication and environmental stewardship. Here, at the southern tip of Lake Agawam, the promise of unparalleled natural beauty meets the pinnacle of human architectural achievement, offering a sanctuary that is both a home and a masterpiece.

484 & 496 First Neck Lane, Southampton, NY


484 & 496 First Neck Lane, Southampton, NY 11968 is offered at $45,000,000.

For more information and a private showing, please contact:

Tim Davis, Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker
Thomas P. Davis, Licensed Real Estate Salesperson
Corcoran Group Real Estate
24 Main Street Southampton, NY 11968
T: 631.702.9211 or 516.356.5736

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