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An exquisite estate, offering a seamless blend of prestigious grandeur and contemporary sophistication amidst the vibrant beauty of the Hamptons, awaits those who seek the pinnacle of refined elegance.

430 Halsey Neck Lane, Southampton, New York




As one glides through the handsome wooden gates of 430 Halsey Neck Lane, a palpable sense of anticipation and exhilaration infuses the atmosphere. Approaching the stately residence, a privet-bordered driveway, meticulously sculpted, extends an elegant welcome. Here, towering apple trees, their gnarled branches reaching skyward, form a sentinel of reverence, creating a corridor of nature’s grandeur. This path, illuminated by the dappled interplay of light and shade, guides the way to a parking court that serves as an overture to the sumptuousness that awaits. It is an introduction that befits the regal grandeur of this extraordinary estate, known as Midfields.

Spanning an expansive 3.4 acres, this estate presents itself as a masterpiece with an exquisite fusion of traditional allure and contemporary elegance, poised to captivate even the most discerning of connoisseurs. With each step, this estate unfurls its narrative, a tapestry woven with whispers of history and aspirations for a future defined by opulence and comfort.

Nestled within the embrace of Southampton’s idyllic landscape, this exemplar of classic shingle-style architecture emerges as a sanctuary of unparalleled refinement. A recent, exhaustive renovation, characterized by its unrelenting dedication to precision and artistry, has bestowed upon this estate a newfound vitality. It now stands as a testament to meticulous restoration, extending an invitation to discerning buyers who yearn for a life of unparalleled luxury in one of the world’s most exclusive locales - The Hamptons.

Passing through the threshold of the front door, one is transported into an ethereal realm, where grace and sophistication intertwine seamlessly. The interiors exude freshness and modernity in their decor, creating an immediate sense of warmth and welcome. The renovated and rebuilt spaces seamlessly blend contemporary design with timeless charm, a testament to the dedication and craftsmanship that went into the renovation. With over 7,400 square feet of interior space, this estate boasts a well-thought-out floor plan and an understated luxury that is synonymous with the most prestigious estates in The Hamptons.

The foyer, bathed in natural light, invites you to explore further. Glistening chandeliers hang from the soaring ceilings, casting a warm, golden glow on the gleaming hardwood floors. Every detail has been thoughtfully considered, from the intricate moldings to the custom-built cabinetry. It’s a testament to the quality and attention to detail that defines this estate.


The kitchen is an epicurean’s delight, where culinary pursuits are elevated to artistry. Equipped with state-of-the-art appliances and graced by marble countertops, it is a haven for those who cherish the confluence of form and function.

Among the most remarkable features of this home is the sun-drenched solarium, located adjacent to the new kitchen. Even on rainy days, it bathes the entire house in a warm and inviting glow, creating an atmosphere that is both cozy and luxurious. Imagine waking up to the soft embrace of morning sunlight as you sip your coffee in this enchanting space, surrounded by the beauty of your estate.

Within its confines, the main house accommodates six opulent bedroom suites, each a sanctum unto itself. The primary suite, in particular, boasts dimensions befitting royalty. It serves as a resplendent oasis, offering solace and sophistication in equal measure. The capacious bedroom invites moments of contemplation, while the adjoining office/lounge provides the ideal canvas for productivity or leisurely reprieve. Stepping onto the outdoor balcony, one is greeted by a gentle rustling of leaves and panoramic vistas that invite introspection. It is a space that beckons you to savor the ineffable beauty that graces your realm. From this elevated vantage point, one’s gaze sweeps across the captivating tableau of the estate’s meticulously manicured landscape, extending to embrace rustic farm vistas beyond.

Each of the remaining bedroom suites embodies a fusion of luxury and comfort that is nothing short of sublime. Spacious and thoughtfully appointed, they are havens for family and guests alike. Marble-clad bathrooms, adorned with bespoke fixtures, beckon with the promise of a spa-like experience. It’s a level of luxury that is unparalleled, where every day feels like a getaway.

Beyond the 62-foot covered porch awaits an outdoor oasis, a natural extension of the luxury found within. A three-car garage, augmented by a second-floor staff apartment, harmonizes convenience with privacy, ensuring that every need is met with discreet efficiency. As one meanders along the tree allée pathway, an inviting inground pool reveals itself, flanked by a separate outdoor spa and an expansive pool house. Here, tranquility assumes its most refined form, cocooned by the verdant embrace of sprawling greenery and flowering arboreal guardians. Additionally, the estate offers ample space for a tennis court, inviting enthusiasts to enjoy leisurely matches amidst this idyllic landscape.



The pool house, a veritable jewel in the estate’s crown, is equipped with a kitchenette, a lounge area, and changing rooms. It stands as a testament to the fusion of functionality and aesthetic, where hosting lavish summer soirées or savoring quiet evenings beneath the stars becomes not just an aspiration but an effortless reality. Imagine poolside gatherings, effervescent laughter, and the clinking of champagne flutes as you bask in the gentle caress of the sun. This is a lifestyle that transcends imagination, and it awaits indulgence.

In this estate, classic allure and contemporary luxury converge in an exquisite ballet of harmony. It is a place where the echoes of history coalesce with the pulse of the present, where every nuance has been painstakingly considered, and where your canvas awaits the brushstrokes of your life’s masterpiece. As one navigates the intricate tableau of this extraordinary property, you cannot help but envisage the life that can be unfolded here, an existence imbued with elegance, comfort, and the enchantment of Southampton as your perennial backdrop. Welcome to 430 Halsey Neck Lane, where dreams materialize, and every day is an ode to the extraordinary. An estate that awaits an opulent chapter in the grand narrative of your life.

430 Halsey Neck Lane, Southampton, New York is offered at $35,000,000.

For more information and a private showing, please contact:

Tim Davis, Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker
Thomas P. Davis, Licensed Real Estate Salesperson
Corcoran Group Real Estate
24 Main Street Southampton, NY 11968
T: 631.702.9211 or 516.356.5736

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