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Awaiting a distinguished buyer, this iconic Gin Lane estate, a masterpiece linked to the renowned architect Stanford White, spans over four acres and boasts two extraordinary residences, embodying a unique fusion of historical allure, architectural elegance, and luxurious living, representing the ultimate expression of Hamptons opulence.

366 & 376 Gin Lane, Southampton, New York 11968
Price Upon Request


Gin Lane Southampton


As one approaches this oceanfront estate along the esteemed Gin Lane in the Hamptons, there is an immediate immersion in an architectural narrative steeped in history and cultural significance. This narrative, indelibly linked to the legacy of Stanford White, one of the luminaries of American architecture, infuses the residence with a sense of heritage and architectural gravitas. The property spans a remarkable four acres, offering a tangible representation of meticulous craftsmanship and thoughtful design, elements that are the bedrock of this opulent environment.

Upon entering through the discreet security gates and moving along a picturesque gravel path, the visitor is drawn into the heart of the estate: the main residence. This four-story edifice, a historical artifact dating back to the early 1900s, eloquently speaks of the past through its architectural language and materiality. The gathering rooms on the second level, adorned with expansive decks, invite an interaction with the surrounding seascape. These spaces do not simply offer views; they create a dynamic interplay with the ocean breezes and the stunning vistas, effectively erasing the boundaries between inside and out.

Gin Lane Southampton
Gin Lane Southampton


The architectural coherence of the estate is further demonstrated in a secondary dwelling, a space that mirrors the design excellence of the main residence. The interior, with its dark wood floors contrasting against crisp white walls, is a study in elegance and simplicity. The intricate moldings, bead boards, and coffered ceilings are a testament to a bygone era’s attention to detail and quality, a celebration of the timeless elegance that defines this residence.

The estate, encompassing 22,000 square feet of living space, stands as a veritable tapestry of architectural grandeur. It houses 19 elegantly appointed bedrooms and 20 bathrooms (17 full, 3 half), each space narrating its unique story through design and decor. The impressive expanse of 400 feet of exclusive beach frontage and the meticulously manicured hedged lawns articulate a symbiotic relationship between the built environment and the natural landscape, creating a haven for tranquility and reflection.

Gin Lane Southampton
Gin Lane Southampton
Gin Lane Southampton


This estate is not merely a residence; it is a microcosm of diverse activities and experiences. Two magnificent Gunite pools and a sunken all-weather tennis court symbolize a commitment to an active lifestyle. The estate’s amenities extend further, featuring a fully equipped gym, a library brimming with literary treasures, and multiple fireplaces that add character and warmth to the home. For gardening enthusiasts, the presence of verdant soil, rich and fertile, is a delight, while a children’s play area ensures that the needs of younger family members are met with equal consideration.

Beyond its physical attributes, the estate embodies a philosophy of living. It is a sanctuary that transcends its functional role, offering a stage for a life lived in luxury and elegance. It is a place where a family can create a legacy, set against the backdrop of one of the world’s most coveted locations. The estate is not only a home but a symbol of status and achievement, a testament to a life of unmatched luxury. Every detail of this estate has been thoughtfully considered and meticulously executed, making it the epitome of affluent living.

Gin Lane SOuthampton


This Hamptons estate, in its entirety, represents a beacon of timeless elegance and architectural integrity. It is a place where history and modernity converge, where the grandeur of the past meets the comforts and luxuries of the present. It stands as a testament to high-end living, a place where every aspect, from the grandest architectural gesture to the smallest design detail, has been crafted with the utmost care and attention. For those who demand the finest in life and appreciate the extraordinary, this estate is an unparalleled gem in the heart of the Hamptons, a true embodiment of luxury and a testament to the enduring allure of sophisticated coastal living.

366 & 376 Gin Lane, Southampton, NY 11968 is currently available.

Price upon request. For more information and a private showing, please contact:

Tim Davis,
Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker

Thomas P. Davis,
Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

Corcoran Group Real Estate
24 Main Street Southampton, NY 11968
T: 631.702.9211 or 516.356.5736

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