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Rapport London, creators of the finest luxury watch accessories, lifestyle products, and gifts for both men and women for whom time matters, have more than a century of expertise in producing the most exquisite watch accessories and leather goods.



A truly British brand built on a solid foundation of heritage, craftsmanship, quality, innovation, and customer service. As the brand embarks on its 125th anniversary, it continues highlighting its established presence within the watch accessory and lifestyle world. This milestone bears witness to Rapport's commitment to producing products that stand the test of time.



Rapport London presents the Paramount Watch Winder Cabinet, an exquisite and precisely engineered solution for avid watch collectors. With a high gloss ebony or walnut finish, this cabinet accommodates twelve automatic watches in adjustable leather cushions. Its intelligent features, including a touchscreen LCD display and fingerprint-accessed door, offer convenience and security. The Paramount Watch Winder Cabinet exemplifies luxury and functionality for discerning watch enthusiasts.

The Paramount Watch Winder Cabinet by Rapport London combines precision engineering with elegance. Its luxurious design, intuitive features, and secure storage make it a must-have for those passionate about their watch collections. With its adjustable cushions and advanced technology, this cabinet ensures that your timepieces are both impeccably cared for and proudly displayed.

The Paramount Nine Watch Winder retails for £3,850.00 (≈ $4,754.38).

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