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Big Bang Integral Tourbillion Rainbow

Rainbow Hublot_1.jpg
Rainbow Hublot_4.jpg
Rainbow Hublot_3.jpg
Rainbow Hublot_2.jpg


Hublot’s penchant for bold statements is epitomized by its new Big Bang Integral Tourbillion Rainbow. This high jewelry timepiece comes with baguette-cut gems in all seven colors of the rainbow, with the stones paving its case, inner flange, and bracelet. The create a seamless gradient of colors; an invisible setting was used for its 484 stones, which total nearly 34 carats. The result is a bright, bold, and dazzling presence on the wrist. Make no mistake: this is an exercise in excess, but a stunning, beautifully executed one. Two references are available, in either white gold or the brand’s proprietary gold alloy, King Gold.

Price upon application.

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