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It’s always a blast when you can create an unforgettable nautical experience with friends and family. And newest craze in watersports is sure to accomplish that mission.


Text: Jessica Hall

With Swedish company Radinn’s, G2X Jetboard, you can glide quietly across the sea at speeds up to 36 mph. Simply angle your body to steer and control the speed with the wireless, waterproof remote.

Combining the fun of wakeboarding and surfing without the need to rely on the right weather conditions, the high-tech Jetboard is powerful and efficient with zero environmental impact. Constructed of aluminum, carbon fiber and Kevlar, the board is wirelessly controlled from a waterproof remote with an easy-to-read battery indicator. Available upgrades include a rapid charger, the Powerpack XL, which allows for 10 minutes of additional ride time, and the “Radical Upgrade,” which allows the board to reach its top speeds.

What’s the bottom line for all this fun? The standard package is available in white or black for €9,900 (USD 12,200). The “Radical Upgrade” option adds €1,000 (USD 1,230) to the base cost.


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