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Meet the most exciting option for luxury travelers in the best destinations with flourishing arts, food, design, and culture scenes. Welcome to your new home at Pug Seal.


Pug Seal’s vision has always been to blend the personalized service of a luxury boutique hotel with the intimacy and warmth of a home. With spaces full of vibrant interior designs, open-air spaces and incredible artistry, every hotel is a unique experience made to explore the warmth of Mexico’s hospitality & art scene.



Each hotel is an architectural sanctuary. Starting with Pug Seal Allan Poe, an early 20th-century baroque house in Polanco, Mexico City with an eclectic design that includes a mix of modern furniture and historical decorative pieces of art inspired by Quetzalcoatl, a mesoamerican God. Every detail has been perfectly designed to bring life and soul throughout every corner of the house.




Around the corner is Pug Seal Anatole France, this 40s era historic mansion turned into a hotel in Polanco, Mexico City is inspired by the European cultural lineage of this contemporary Mexico; an homage to all of the generations that have migrated from Europe in order to blend with the passionate and vibrant mexican lifestyle. This mansion is full of eclectic colors that blend seamlessly with outstanding patterns & vintage furniture, this is our greatest collaboration between multicultural artists.




Our beautiful boutique hotel in downtown Oaxaca City, Pug Seal Zapoteco is a 20thcentury mediterranean style house that evokes the values of the Zapotec culture through its hand-painted colorful murals and magnificent sculptures by Mexican artists. This hotel is an immersive architectural canvas that invites guests to discover every inch and corner available while they enjoy the wonderful essence of Oaxaca.




And lastly, Casa Pug Seal, a beautiful 20thcentury mansion located in the downtown area of Coyoacan, Mexico City. This intimate 7 room house celebrates creativity, freedom & passion with its vibrant mexican colors and blend of artistic & vintage furniture inspired by the Mexican citizens who have won the famous distinctive Medal of Belisario Domínguez. The whole house is available through Airbnb.

Our specialty is to offer unique hospitality experiences.

During any stay in either one of the Pug Seal Boutique Hotels, not only do we offer your room but the entire property is available to you. The houses are restricted to the general public, this means only guests and invites can indulge in our lifestyle.

From our private gardens & luxurious rooftop bar to our spacious meeting rooms & intimate dining rooms. Every space is a unique setting for anybody.

The Pug Seal hospitality is a guarantee for all, not only is it a space to relax at the end of the day, but it’s a space that invites you to the gastronomic, cultural and entertainment scenes in either of our destinations.

Whether it’s for pleasure, family or work, Pug Seal welcomes all with open arms while offering unique spaces and personalized attention that will make any trip an unforgettable experience.


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