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Pointy Snout Caviar
Decennial Edition Gift Set



Sustainably sourced, artfully presented, and wildly luxuriously lavish, Pointy Snout Caviar is the preferred caviar of today. By “rethinking luxury with a modern conscience,” Pointy Snout has become the ‘it’ girl of caviar. Hand-selected by the founder, Alexandra Du Cane, Pointy Snout is heartily committed to conservationist principles and practices, working with artisan producers who care not only about creating a divine caviar experience but also about the sturgeon and the broader ecosystems they impact.

The tiny pearls of salty deliciousness known as Pointy Snout Caviar have been savored and saluted by celebrities and even the legendary Dr. Jane Goodall. Commemorating their tenth anniversary, Pointy Snout has debuted their Decennial Edition Gift Set – a memorable, elegant way to experience the existential flavor for yourself

The limited-edition, decadently luxurious, the over-the-top-lavish set features a 500g tin of rare Ossetra Reserve hand-selected by founder Alexandra Du Cane and presented in a signature blue box replete with stainless-steel caviar key adorned with their signature sturgeon.

Priced at $4,000, the Decennial Edition set is ideal for those with a golden palate.

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