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When an elite design team combines the aesthetics and functionality of a supercar with the speed and mobility of a jet, the result might look something like the Peugeot HX1 concept jet.



Peugeodot Jet


An experimental design exercise by Peugeot Design Lab, the sleek concept business jet features a modular design, ergonomic efficiency, and a lightweight interior. “The goal was to create an aircraft exterior with a unique design that could easily be identified as a Peugeot,” says Cathal Loughnane, Head of Peugeot Design Lab. “In the interior, we wanted to apply what we have learned about designing cars that are extremely modular and adaptable to the aircraft industry.”

Peugeodot Jet


The aircraft features an elegant, clean fuselage like that of fighter planes. Inspired by latest-generation fly-by-wire jets, the tail plane is divided into V-tail stabilizers, mounted at 45-degrees — an unusual design. Adding to its streamlined exterior, the edges of the wings are accented with powerful LED lights.

The cabin will be approximately two meters wide and 26 meters long. A versatile interior feature is its seating arrangement, which transforms quickly from an eight-seater luxury configuration to a functional 14-seater that caters to business journeys — completed promptly by sliding the second seat out from underneath the rear of the first with the touch of a button. When not in use, the second seat folds neatly to slip back into place. The jet is only a design research project for now, which means the rest of the interior details are still rough. Still, the plane is intended to include an integrated galley and a wireless entertainment system.

Peugeodot Jet_2.jpg

The plane was inspired by the Peugeot car of the same name, the HX1 concept car, which was designed to push aerodynamic boundaries with a tapered, low body structure that integrates diesel hybrid technology. The car also features two additional integrated seats that can be deployed if needed.

Conceived by the newly formed Peugeot Design Lab, the HX1 concept jet is part of a quirky portfolio that includes a powerboat, bicycle, and watch. Some of its creations are already available for purchase, include a limited-edition bike. The firm’s other projects involve aeronautics, sports, and even the music sector.

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