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The historic Carrousel du Louvre is transformed into a collector’s paradise for the Fine Arts Paris fair, showcasing everything from traditional fine arts to jewelry and rare books.


Galerie Michel Descours

Galerie Michel Descours, Fine Art Paris


Fine arts is a broad term that can encompass everything from traditional painting, drawings, and sculpture in a dizzying kaleidoscope of styles from different eras, to fine jewelry crafted with precious stones and metals, and even rare books—and it’s this diversity that the upcoming edition of Fine Arts Paris celebrates.

The fifth edition of the specialist art fair will return to the historic Carrousel du Louvre, a spectacular space designed by renowned architects I.M. Pei and Michel Macary beneath the iconic glass pyramid of the Louvre museum. From 6-11 November, more than 60 exhibitors—including some of the world’s most prestigious galleries and art dealers—will showcase collectible works, including for the first time fine jewelry, rare books, and non-Western art from Asia and the Pacific.

Galerie Chevalier - Fine-Art-Paris_Tanguy-de-Montesson-.jpg

Galerie Chevalier, Fine Art Paris


Highlights from this year’s edition include a feminist painting by Marguerite Gérard at Galerie Eric Coatalem; a unique 12th-14th-century BC Jia-shaped vase from the Shang dynasty from Galerie Christian Deydier; and a triptych by Simone di Filippo, a significant figure in Bolognese painting of the second half of the 14th century.

The exhibition design itself looks set to be just as impressive as the works of art it houses. Created by French interior designer Jacques Garcia, the design takes inspiration from the history of the site. Subtle installations crafted from 14 different mineral and vegetal elements across the space referencing the 14th-century defense system that was revealed when the Carrousel was first built.

Louis de Bayser

Fine Art Paris

Louis de Bayser Président de FINE ARTS PARIS

Chiale Fine Arts - Fine-Art-Paris-_Tanguy-de-Montesson-.jpg

Chiale Fine Arts, Fine Art Paris


Fine Arts Paris isn’t the only prestigious art event to occur in Paris this month—the fair is part of the Semaine des Beaux-Arts (Fine Arts Week), which promotes events with more than 20 leading institutions and museums across Paris, including the Emile Hermès Collection, Maison Victor Hugo, Musée Condé, and the Beaux-Arts school of fine arts. Fine Arts Paris Online will also return, allowing collectors and dealers to connect remotely.

With so much covetable work on display at Fine Arts Paris 2021, the organizers have elevated the act of collecting to an art form in itself.

Fine Arts Paris runs from 6-11 November, with an opening preview on Friday, November 5.

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