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PAL-V Liberty Pioneer




Gyroplanes, also known as autogyros or gyrocopters, have been a bit of an open secret amongst aviation enthusiasts. That is until now. This year at the prestigious Geneva Motor Show heads turned with the limited production-ready gyroplane PAL-V Liberty Pioneer was unveiled. Marketed as a car that flies and a plane that drives, the PAL-V Liberty Pioneer is perfect for those who love to be free. Free to go off road and free to fly with limited restrictions. Reaching remote destinations is no longer a challenge, its an adventure.

52 PALV_3.jpg
52 PALV_2.jpg

Meeting all regulations for both flying and driving, the PAL-V Liberty Pioneer is ready for delivery. Hit the road at a maximum speed of 99 miles per hour or cruise through the air at speeds of about 110 miles an hour at up 11,480 feet in style. Not a pilot? Head to PAL-V Flydrive Academy. With locations in the Netherlands, The Caribbean, Spain, and Florida, your driver’s license can get a coveted upgrade from street level to flight level.

Price $599,000

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