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Louis Vuitton x Atelier Oï
Objets Nomades Hammock

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Louis Vuitton is a brand synonymous with luxury travel—but travel isn’t always about monogrammed trunks and finely crafted luggage. Earlier this year, nine of the world’s leading design studios were invited to reimagine the art of travel for Objets Nomades, a limited edition collection of travel-inspired objects that was showcased inside Palazzo Bocconi during Milan Design Week.

Swiss design studio Atelier Oï took inspiration from the luxury house’s rich history of leathercraft to create a hammock, which gives a bohemian classic a luxe twist. Imagine a hammock, and your mind’s eye will likely conjure images of a simple knotted rope sling strung between palm trees, swaying in the breeze. Atelier Oï, however, had other ideas.

The studio’s is an elegant construction of woven caramel-colored leather, detailed with contrasting yellow stitching and reinforced with 786 gilded rivets engraved with the Louis Vuitton brand mark. A removable leather headrest adds an element of comfort, and the entire hammock rolls up so it can be easily transported to the garden, pool or even beach—and there’s nothing more exclusive than a slice of luxury that you can take with you, wherever you go.

Objets Nomades Hammock retails for $48,500,

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