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Nigel O’Reilly Labyrinth Signature Ring

Sparkling Gem_

Modern architecture, details, windows, bridges: all meld together with Nigel O’Reilly Labyrinth Signature Ring; the stone, a large tourmaline with unusually long facets, takes center stage. “I wanted to enhance this ‘length’ by setting hidden diamonds under the stone, that are only visible through the stone when held in certain lights. I am driven by beauty – the beauty of the stone, the beauty of my landscape in the West of Ireland, and the rigorous beauty of my work,” says O’Reilly. “When you are gifted something as rare as a gemstone, it is your duty to realize its beauty.”

There is a simplicity to this ring, but the secreted detail is a treasure. Details: Large central 14.37ct green tourmaline, cut by the late master goldsmith & lapidary Erwin Springbrunn, with 48 white diamonds set under the center stone & 14 diamonds in the paneled undercarriage. Set in 18kt yellow gold.

Price upon request.

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