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Mosaïque Surface celebrates color and innovation with its new Gem Glass collection creating a look that will surely embrace top decorators and interior designers.


Bellechasse Gem 1 Shown in: Rainbow, Polar White (All Glossy)

For nearly thirty years, Mosaïque Surface has specialized in delivering top-quality, custom stone mosaic products for commercial and residential markets. Often viewed as an industry leader, their wide range of designs, materials, and finishes brings a space to life with a creative, inspired touch. Their latest addition to their material lineup Gem Glass collection, does precisely that.


Augustin Petite Gem 2 Shown in: Ravenwood (Polished), Medium Amber (Glossy), Statuario (Polished), Chocolate (Glossy)

Wavelet Gem 2 Shown in: Rainbow, Light Amber, Polar White (All Glossy)

Wabi Sabi Petite Gem 2 Shown in: Pine Green (Glossy), Gold Glass (Clear), Medium Amber (Glossy)


Joining their existing catalog of natural stones, Venetian glass, metal, Terrazzo, and mother of pearl, Gem Glass is a semi-opaque material with a gloss finish that varies heavily in its vibrancy and tint. Traditionally, glass mosaics cannot be mixed with other materials because of their relative thinness compared to thicker surfacing choices like stone or metal. Mosaïque Surface is known for creating bespoke designs; thus, their product development department found a way to successfully combine Gem Glass with any other material from their lineup. The result is seductive and striking wallcoverings to compliment or even star in their statement interior decor.

The Gem Glass collection is available in over 200 showrooms worldwide. View online at

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