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Meze Audio
109 PRO

Meze Audio 109 Pro


Award-winning high-end headphone manufacturer, Meze Audio, has launched its first dynamic open-back headphone – the 1-0 PRO. Made from carefully selected and responsibly sourced materials, including walnut wood, zinc, manganese steel, and vegan leather, the 109 PRO is a comfortable, lightweight, yet highly durable headphone capable of producing a natural, emotionally engaging listening experience.

Conceived with timelessness, the 109 PRO is meant to surpass short-lived trends and fast-changing industry fashions, rewarding users with long-term, emotional value. The black walnut wood used for creating the earcups is strictly harvested from certified sources, specifically, trees designated as mature and having reached the end of their life cycle.

The 109 PRO is fully and endlessly serviceable, which can extend the product's life beyond the limit.

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