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AMG GT Track Series



Mercedes-AMG has developed its most powerful sports car - the GT Track Series. The exclusive limited-edition beast only intended for track days celebrates the 55th anniversary of the Affalterbach-based company and serves as a memento to AMG founders; hence the production is limited to only 55 vehicles. The legendary top performer, Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series, served as the basis for the development. Similar to the GT Black Series, the GT Track Series stands out for its unique vehicle concept aimed at top-level performance, combined with the racetrack-proven qualities of the GT3 and GT4 models.

The heart of the Mercedes-AMG GT Track Series is the Handcrafted AMG 4.0L V8 Biturbo engine from the Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series with even more enhanced performance, such as the power unit equipped with a flat-plane crankshaft now delivers 778 hp and 627 lbs-ft. The bonnet, wings, sills, and rear apron are made from carbon fiber, which facilitates the reduction of the vehicle’s curb weight to 3,086 lb

The Mercedes-AMG GT Track Series worldwide sales are being handled from Affalterbach, where Mercedes-AMG has its headquarters with an expected delivery date in the second quarter of 2022. The Mercedes-AMG GT Track Series list price, including air conditioning, is € 369,000 plus VAT.

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