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July 22, 2014 | By: Jennifer Agress


Alfonso Rendón - The International Art World’s New “Rising Star”


Alfonso Rendón, known across the art world as “Masplata,” is an eclectic visual artist recognized for his unique fusion of colors and his ability to turn flat, two-dimensional surfaces into endless planes of motion. Drawing inspiration from the sights, shades and people of his native country of Panama, Masplata creates stunning pieces in a variety of mediums, praised equally for his innovative use of computer graphics, ethereal brushstrokes in watercolor and his bold oil paintings.















For Masplata, the content and meaning of a piece are not the initial focus – they are the outcome. He approaches his work guided only by his spirit, his natural creativity and the materials he has in front of him. Most notably, Masplata has the uncanny ability to leave viewers both questioning, and impressed by, the seemingly impossible outcome of his beautiful and exquisite work.

To arrange a private viewing, please visit or contact Katerina Wagner, CEO and Founder of Miami Art Scene™ at (786)571-6112 or

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