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11 Raven
Malibu Lucite Table

The Malibu Lucite Table - In Situ - 11 Ravens-01 (1).jpg


A finely crafted gaming table brings a sense of playful sophistication to high-end homes – but can often be visually overbearing in a contemporary space. Enter the Malibu Lucite Table from 11 Ravens, which is the US-based luxury gaming brand’s first all-lucite pool table.

A favourite material of Mid-Century furniture designers, Lucite is a crystal clear, scratch-resistant acrylic that evokes the quality of glass at less than half the weight. While conventional billiards tables weigh at least 700lb, 11 Ravens lucite collection embodies both visual and physical lightness. “The 11 Ravens all-Lucite Malibu table is a feat of engineering,” says Sea Zeda, director of brand development for 11 Ravens. “It’s not just a pool table, it’s functional art for gaming.”

The Malibu Lucite Table is part of a new collection of bespoke, made-to-order lucite gaming tables—which also includes billiards and ping pong tables—with matching benches for spectators.

Available in clear, white, or black, the visually spectacular pool tables start from $45,000

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